The Trendy Formerly Homeless

Many Americans are Finding the American Dream by Breaking into Foreclosed and Vacant Homes to Live.

As I have written before, I like to stay on top of trends. Several months ago when the government came out with a rosy report stating that the economy was doing good and growing, Treasury Secretary Paulson predicted that the US economy would get stronger next year "and beyond". I just didn't buy it because as a trends watcher I was seeing a different trend. I was seeing a new trend, middle class homeless. So when I saw formerly middle class people living in their cars or in a tent, well I had to think that this new trend didn't match the government reports. Call me crazy, but I had to go with reason and question whether things were really all that good.

But now for the latest trend that might be of interest to all those that like to be trendy. In cities like Cleveland, Atlanta, Phoenix and Miami there is a growing movement for the homeless to illegally move into vacant houses that have been foreclosed.

So you might be thinking a few things about this latest trend. First, things seem a bit worse than your average run of the mill recession that the government now tells us we are in. Strange but we weren't told about this recession until just after the election and then economists reported we had been in a recession for all of last year. Second, you might think it is Un-American for Americans to move into homes without paying for them. I guess it is a bit like having the American dream but without the mortgage. Third, you might be thinking that you should keep your eyes open for a vacant home in your area that is in a good location, has all of the amenities, and is in move in condition.

Yes, things are actually quite bad and whether you call it a recession or a depression it doesn't matter much if you are out of work and have no place to live. But we can feel good that if we need a home, even though we are broke because of the last several decades of trickle down economics, we can be part of a new and growing trend and have that home. We can illegally move in and take up residence in our new foreclosed homes and we will be joining a large number of Americans that have had to do the same.

It may seem a bit Un-American moving into vacant homes without a mortgage but it is also Un-American for so many formerly middle class and working class people to be homeless. Still, it is very American for people to move for economic reasons. We are a land of immigrants that have left homes in other countries to come to America for a better life. We are a people that will travel thousands of miles for employment and better economic opportunities. Now it looks like we will be a people that will have to illegally break into foreclosed homes and take care of them for "the man," our friendly banksters.

Some may scoff and say that this new trend proves that Americans are turning into landless peasants. But I look at it as Americans living the American dream. As always, we Americans are looking for a better life but this time we won't be having to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to find it. The better life for a lot of Americans may be as close as the nearest foreclosed vacant home.

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