A Keen Eye for the Obvious

So this was written back in August. Just to show you, and most of you already know this, the government lies with their numbers, their stats, their prognostications and just about everything else they release to the public.
So back in August before the great crash in September the government reported that the economy was growing and doing well. Later we learned after the election that the economy had been in a recession for the last year.

At any rate, I am reposting this because it shows when it comes to the economy, the wars, and the functioning of the government there just ain't no truth to be found.


An Economic WMD

A Conspiracy You Shouldn't Ignore

Sometimes you can see a pattern in the news. It takes a great deal of skill and it requires a keen eye for the obvious.

For instance the government is reporting that the economy is still doing good, growing more and at a faster pace. But I don't know something just doesn't seem right. OK, call me a conspiracy nut or a whack job, but something tells me that things are not as good as the government would like us to believe.

Now I know many of you are calling me crazy right now as you are reading this. You might wonder how I could question the government, their spokespeople, their numbers, and their figures. But maybe the news that auto sales have slipped to their lowest level in 16 years in the U.S., or maybe the news that the 8th bank this year has just been seized by the government, or maybe the word that 4 more banks are likely to be taken over, or maybe it's just the data that never in the history of banking has the federal reserve pumped so much into the banking system. Things aren't so good around the world either because in this global market place the banking fraud that occurred in this country coincidental appeared in the UK. It seems the Bank of Scotland, the second largest bank in Great Briton, is about to post the biggest banking loss in UK history.

So I was thinking, that the Weapon of Mass Destruction that we destroyed Iraq over was actually here in this country all along and it was being used by the banking industry to ultimately destroy our "way of life." Now I know that it was all done in the interest of getting filthy rich at the expense of the taxpaying American but still the effect turned out to be the same.

So I think Bush should send in the UN and inspect the Federal Reserve and see what other WMDs are there. Then he should get a mandate from congress to go in and invade the Federal Reserve and put Greenspan, Burnanke, and the others on trial for encouraging and allowing the deceptive banking that ultimately is doing more to destroy the U.S. than any sham Iraqi WMD ever could.

But I know Bush would never do that because first he would have to arrest himself and much of congress for allowing and encouraging the economic mess we see today.

Yep, they are all in on it together and not only are taxpayers ultimately going to have to pay trillions of dollars for the expense of the Iraq war but we will also be paying trillions more for this WMD banking bubble.

As a good conspiracy theorist, I thought you should know that it has all been built on lies, it was government sponsored, and it was brought to you by our so called leaders

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