I Said Goodbye To TIBU Today

Well TIBU 2 I am all yours. Well at least I am no longer a part of the old TIBU. I said goodbye today and it was a sad thingy indeed.

Well, TIBU was really a nice site and through it I met a lot of messed up people, like myself.

Like who is more screwed up than Dr. Larry?

Think about Dr. Larry's crazy dream of continuing the TIBU mania by inviting a bunch of other crazy fucks to join him in some twisted, sick scheme. But now his dream has turned into one nightmarish reality. Just as Dr. Larry wanted it.

And now here I am trapped, with all of you, in Dr. Larry's Nightmare on TIBU2.


Oh and for my farewell on TIBU here it is....


I am closing up shop here at TIBU and I am off to bigger and better things. Well not really off to bigger and better things, but just off. I figure it is time to leave before they turn the lights out on me. I was always one for getting out while the out was worth the getting. Or something like that.

So as the sun sets in the New Mexico sky and as my horse starts to gallop (or is that Gallup? I live in Gallup but it has nothing to do with galloping horses although it should because I never saw so many horses until I arrived on the res. But actually Gallup was named after the paymaster that used to pay the rail workers. Just a bit of trivia that you will never need) I am off.

But a few blessings to all of you TIBU folks.

May you never get an itch that you can't scratch.

May you never believe the corporate media.

May you never trust a politician (sorry all of you Obamafanatics).

May you never believe in the market or invest in retirement.

May you always have a happy mind, lots of love, and good health.



  1. Well, much better to leave than to have them toss you out the back door. We'll be fine with Dr. Larry. He promised me that "this won't hurt a bit."

  2. You trust him?

    I keep hearing voices that tell me this is all a CIA mind control experiment conducted by the master spy and deviant mad scientist, Dr. Larry.

    Now this tin foil hat isn't doing a bit of good but I do feel a bit better in my lead bed.

    What's that?

    I am getting a signal. I think it is the Uralians beaming me with a message from Dr. Larry.

    "Relax! You are mine now."

  3. No pain...no gain ;) u guys are crazy fun! ;)
    Wouldn't miss this for the world...well not
    world....the fun ;)

  4. Creative Vibes is a plant.

  5. Haha you guys are funny and I am glad to see us here.. I posted my good bye yesterday..