The Irrational George Bush

Refusing to Think and Act Rationally Has Consequences. Bush Has Never Been Able to Grasp That. But The Great Lesson Of the Bush Years Should Be That We Can't Deny the Rational and Expect to Live Rationally.

"I've abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,"
President GW Bush in a recent interview.

So let me see, the President is using the same logic that the American military used during the Vietnam War--they had to destroy the villages to save them.

This type of irrational thinking didn't work in Vietnam and it won't work with the economy.

But Bush has used this same type of twisted reasoning throughout his Presidency. Bush had to invade and occupy Iraq to make it free. Bush had to abandon the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to spy on Americans in order to protect American freedom. Bush had to torture and commit war crimes so that the world would remain civilized and safe.

Over the last 8 years, Bush has abandoned the reasonable in an effort to make sure the world remains rational. But in the end, the world doesn't work like that. Try as we might, we can't deny the reasonable and expect to have decent outcomes and sane living.

The last 8 years of the Bush Administration have presented a clear picture to rational and thinking humanity that even though we seek to choose the irrational and deny the reasonable, we will have to face the consequences of our choices.
That should be the Bush legacy for America and the world.

The disastrous years of the Bush Administration clearly show that Americans must remain true to the reasonable, the rational, and the humane.

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