Hunting my Favorite Sport-Amy Everett

I hunt you
For satisfaction
I grieve you
When your body isn't near mine
I feel you in your absence
I haunt you
I am your ghost
I am the melodies in your songs
I will fuck you come dawn
I will seduce you in red wine panties
Leather taste at the tip of your tongue
Sacrifice me
Cut me
Bite me
Fill me up with a demons contentment
Shatter my glass
Until I cannot fix it
Kill the machines that set the coldness in
Tempt me
Tease me
Festering heart
Pull it from it's strings
And declare it yours !
lord of my broken land
How did you conquer and understand
Eyes servailing mine
I am the victim on her knees tonight
Open my mouth
You say open wide
Open me up
Razor burns from fire flesh of shattered desire
A past that left you wanting
I will heal you
I will mold you
I will tear you
I will break you
I waitOn the floor
For you
And you alone.....
Written By-Amy Everett 12-17-08

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