Monetize Your Blog

Since many of us here have blogs of our own, I would like to share with you a way I've found to monetize mine.

The name of the sight is SNAPBOMB, and it works like this: go to the URL by clicking on the title of this post, register on their server, and then input your blog's URL (copy and paste from the address bar in your browser) and it will give you a string of html code to slap into your blog so that Snapbomb can track it. There will be a 24-hour waiting period while Snapbomb crawls your blog and then assigns a monetary value to your blog calculating how much they will pay your for writing a blog and any specific topic, according to your blogs traffic.

Once you've gotten the code pasted and Snapbomb has notified you as to what your blog is worth, then click back to your "Blogger Dashboard" on Snapbomb and click "Find An Opportunity." This will lead you to a page with various topics relevant you you blog that they'll pay to to write about. Then simply write your blog and they should handle the rest.

I've spoken to a few people further into the whole blogging thing than I am and there seems to be a buzz about this particular method of blog marketing or blog advertising, so I thought I'd give it a day in court. My first assignment was to "review this application and let your readers know what you think. After you are done, we'll review your post and provide you with feedback and a rating to get you started." And this post represents that.

I'm sure even Mozart occasionally had to hawk T-shirts at the back of the hall in between shows.


  1. My blog gets 0 traffic right now, but maybe if I move some of my smut there.... ;)

    Great info! Thanks!

  2. Smut is good. Bring the smut and cross-link it.