Some people on ThisIsBy.Us have not yet received invites to TIBU2, because no email addresses were able to be found for them. Unless an email address was listed on a user's ThisIsBy.Us profile- or they responded to one of Dr. Larry's comment posts- they were not invited, and it would be a a shame for someone to be left behind for that reason. All that's asked is that people be made aware that the opportunity exists, should they elect to go with it.

If anyone knows how to contact Bostongirl, Maggiemae23, MaryRose, Amtrak To Hell, Freddy, Bleachercreature (or any one of a host of others), please refer them to TIBU.TWO@GMAIL.COM for an invite. We're not looking to spam anyone, but some folks are genuinely NOT aware that TIBU2 exists and seem pretty bummed about losing their community. We'd like to include them here.

Thank you.


  1. Why is it that sometimes we can not post comments?

  2. And Hermie- we gotta get Hermie!!

  3. AdINtL: I'm trying to address the issue.
    Embedding the comment input on the page of the post itself should solve the problem.
    If it doesn't, let us know.

  4. AdINtL: The post that is still on the default page- the 1st page- will not have the comment input embedded below it.

    If you click that post's link in the archive directory (top right), it will take you to that post's specific page and the comment input will be embedded below it there.

  5. Mustn't forget the Mudgeon man!

  6. Dr L -- i don't see my name over there >>>>>>>
    does that mean I'm not signed up appropriately? Or does it just mean my platinum blonde roots are showing...? *blinks,
    Stephanie (CatGem)

  7. I wonder if the alleged closing of ThisIsBy.Us is merely a way to get the fish jumping, to get users to beg them to keep the site open and offering to write for free to make it seem to the scribbling lemmings that not getting paid was their idea in the first place.