Cheney and Obama

Cheney is Impressed with Obama's Selections. Both Have a lot in Common.

"I must say, I think it's a pretty good team," Cheney said. "I'm not close to Barack Obama, obviously, nor do I identify with him politically. He's a liberal. I'm a conservative."

Vice President Dick Cheney praising President-elect Obama's selection of his national security team.

Well Cheney is not exactly right. Obama's choices for his national security team prove that both Cheney and Obama have a lot more in common than either would like to admit in public. Cheney is a well known NeoCon and Barack Obama is now demonstrating that he is a NeoLib. Both are quite similar.

But what is the difference between a NeoCon and a NeoLib?

The truth is there is not that much difference other than the NeoCon tends to identify with the Republican Party and the NeoLib tends to identify with the Democratic Party. Both believe in the continuation of empire and the actions it takes to maintain empire. Both believe in big government to support the elite at the top in times of crises. Both believe in a country and a market that is controlled by an interlocking system of financial, business, and government interests (a commonly accepted definition of fascism). Both will maintain the military industrial complex at all costs.

Really the principal difference between a NeoCon and a NeoLib is that they each pretend to serve a different base of Americans. The NeoCon pretends to serve the interests of fundamentalist Christians, small business, what's left of the aspiring middle class, and the those that are concerned about defending the country. The NeoLib pretends to serve those that are concerned about government intrusion on individual rights, the struggling middle class, the working class, the poor, and all of those that feel the money for wars and weapons could be spent on better things.

This Liberal/Conservative dichotomy is a game that is played out so that the public never gets wise and looks behind the curtain to see just exactly the way the game is played. Election after election cycle the Republicans (supposed conservatives) battle it out with the Democrats (supposed liberals) for the soul of America and the direction of this great Republic. Well that is the game that is sold to the American people, and the public will continue to fall for it until things fall all around them.

So Cheney is happy with Obama's selection for the continuation of empire and it shouldn't be surprising. Obama's Clinton Administration is shaping up just like it should according to the reality of NeoCon and NeoLib political control.

The next election cycle take my advice. If you want to see real change pull some out of your pocket. Hopefully we all have some left by then. Instead, forget about elections and start thinking about doing something to put pressure on the NeoLibs and the NeoCons in government to work for the American people right now. The NeoLibs and the NeoCons only answer to money and power. Most Americans don't have much money but they still have some power in numbers. If the politicians were to feel the power of the American people, they might actually start serving that power. That would mean the end of the phony left/right paradigm. But games are only fun for so long.

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