Discernment-Amy Everett

Web spun tangle me into repetition
Of days slow
Days fast
Purpose driven for a different road
Different game
Logic lies
Tells me different this time
But different is exactly the same
I try to find the signs
But they are never changing
Pretend I am in a different dream
Just different dreamscape
I seem to be the black widow
Maybe some are the crows
I am inside you
Etched inside my bones
But I am not surprised the end is always the same
I suspend and I disfigure the thoughts of time
The wheel she has me spinning in
To my grave she says…
I am on my knee
I can give you a ring
Shattered design
Has become my mirror
I live to kill first
Before I become their victim
I know this all to well….
Never changing
I swallow the ocean for her tranquility
Keep her with me
Black widow, sucking your marrow
I will not pretend I will make you suffer
I take you in…
As you never loved me like you should…
I sing this song to you
I scream this song to you…
But what can I say?
Shaking hands with the mortician
Make me a princess today
Black silk dress
Black lips
Games over
He says

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