Paths-Amy Everett

I suffer the cold
There is no one
is there
Thought I found the one
When things crashed he ran
He said I wasn't the one
I knew he lied
He didn't fight
broken promises leave me turbulent
I heard your words tonight
Nothing is left for me
Is there
The one who knew all along
Was pretendingI was just there to live in his sky
Not to come from his dreams
Where I was born
I shouldv'e grown up into your reality
I never liedyou
with no resolutions
you say goodbye
Whisper in the picture frame where we called life
Weave me smoky mirrors that reflected unending time
You wanted to sail me away
Not really awake
I guess your right
You are not the one
Because the One wouldn't leave me standing
on the path we paved
12-15-08 -Amy Everett

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