Rebooted. Rebranded. Reborn. Reformatted.

Hey, this ain't half bad.

If this is a Taste of TIBU Future, maybe TIBU's rising from its own ashes was merely part of a natural evolutionary cycle.

TIBU Past and TIBU Present had to be sloughed off at the dark solstice. A winter molting. So that TIBU2 might emerge from its lair a couple of months hence and finally come into its own.

And this is not even the final product. (That's good. That means we can get the playing with the formatting features out of our systems before the Real Thing gets here.)

Muchas gracias / merci bien / vielen Dank, Dr LM.

Oh, and thanks, too.

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  1. You're welcome, Xig, but please remember, I loved TIBU too- very much so- and while death is a natural part of the circle of life, and I didn't want our little community to disappear into the gray havens. This was not done out of selflessness or some sense of nobility- I miss you guys. This is for me, too- so Xigent, thank YOU for showing up and posting here.