A Christmas Gift to All that Will Accept It

It is a very powerful and moving idea, and I believe a truth, that the way to a better world for ourselves is to seek a better world for all.

This Holiday Season I would like to offer a way out of much of our turmoil and strife as my Christmas gift to all that will take these words seriously. This way is found beyond the narrow confines of our selfish interests. We cherish our self and spend nearly all of our time thinking and worrying about our self or those things attached to our self. Unfortunately, this is precisely the way that leads to so much suffering.

But is there really a better way?

Well the Christmas Season is supposed to be a time when we open our hearts and cherish others, besides our self. Unfortunately Christmas has turned into nothing more than a consumer orgy. Well that is how it used to be but with these tough economic times there may not be so much orgasmic shopping pleasure for many.

But this year it would be a good time to move beyond the frenzy of modern life and take time to think of some people beside our self and our immediate family.

Let's start by thinking of the people in war torn regions of the world. Many of them are suffering directly because of our present war policies. We could easily divert resources and manpower away from war and toward a better country and a better world. Let's consider those around the world that experience extreme poverty and have life expectancies almost half of what we find in Europe and America. Many of those impoverished citizens of the world could be fed and helped out of their poverty if only we had the will to do that. Let's also think of the people living in poverty in this country. Many of our impoverished citizens have life expectancies similar to those in the most impoverished areas of the world. They are the invisible Americans and they are only invisible because America chooses not to admit that they are there. We could feed and house all of America if only we chose to think and take action for a better economic system and a just society.

Unfortunately, in this coming year there will likely be many more Americans and people around the world that will be facing impoverished conditions and tough times. This is appalling when you consider that we took several trillion dollars to bail out the banksters and financiers that have already made fabulous fortunes on the misfortunes of others. As far as war, just think what we could do with all the money that would be diverted away from occupying and killing.

Sadly there is a "better way" of living with an open heart and cherishing others, the supposed meaning of the Holiday Spirit, free from the constant greed and selfishness that we feed ourselves will not likely find a way in the New Year. Instead the world will likely continue as it has for centuries with only a very few able to enjoy the wealth and resources of the world while the rest of humanity is victimized by those same people. It is the cycle of violence and victimization that is the history of much of the human race and yet we could put an end to much of that chain of suffering.


By actually living the "better way" of cherishing others and moving beyond our narrow selfish worries, fears, and interests. If we were to allow this "better way" a place in our hearts and minds then those that use, abuse, and victimize much of humanity and rape much of the world's resources would find no place for their poison arrows.

It is a very powerful and moving idea, and I believe a truth, that the way to a better world for ourselves is to seek a better world for all. Ultimately, what we allow and give to others is what we eventually will find for ourselves. The truth in this can be seen in our present world. We know that the exploitation of the world's people, wealth, and resources has led to our present state of environmental, economic, and social distress.

So my Christmas gift to all is to offer that "better way" which is found in Love. It is real power for yourself and humanity. If you are not presently living in it, take some time to practice it in your hearts and your minds. The world needs this "better way" beyond selfishness and into power of loving oneness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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