News Roundup for 12/8/08

Palm Pistol
Wait, that's a gun?

-Headline of the day-
"New gun for seniors could be subsidized by Medicare."

Put this one in your "bad idea" file. Constitution Arms has developed the "Palm Pistol" for people who have trouble pulling a trigger. It looks kind of like a small canteen with a button on the top for a trigger. How do you aim it? Well, looking at it, I'd have to say you don't. You point it in the general direction of whatever it is your tired old eyes may or may not see and hope for the best. Worse, since it looks absolutely nothing like any gun you've ever seen, the deterrence factor is out the window; bad guy sees you pointing some weird tubey thing at him and is less than impressed. "Put your hands up" is guaranteed to be answered with "Why, you gonna shoot me with that inhaler?"

Still, Constitution Arms "has applied to have the gun approved as a Class 1 medical device, the same designation given by Medicare to walkers and wheelchairs." according to the report. You'll be able to get one for about $460.

The FDA hasn't said whether they'll approve the pistol as a medical device, but I'm guessing no. Too disabled to use a pistol is probably too disabled to use any gun safely. Besides, the last thing you want is grampa taking potshots at the mailman because he thinks he's back at Normandy.

Like I say, a bad idea. (Raw Story)

-Quote of the day-
"When Michelle Malkin is the voice of reason talking you down, you are so far out on the lunatic fringe that you've built a condo out there." -- Ed Brayton, co-founder of the evolution science site, The Panda's Thumb.

Seems some on the wingnut blogosphere are busy trying to talk others on the wingnut blogosphere out of being crazy. Good luck with that. The crazy-making comes from the persistent conspiracy theory that Barack Obama isn't a real citizen and therefore not eligible to become president.

If you can talk someone into believing that George W. Bush is a great statesman and a brilliant military strategist, you can talk them into anything. Oddly, it doesn't seem possible to talk them out of anything. We'll be hearing this particular looney theory for decades to come, the Supreme Court be damned. (ScienceBlogs, via reddit)

-Bonus HotD-
"Rice: 'The American people are wise in wanting change' from Bush."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wandered off the ranch in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "[E]ight years is a long time," Condi said. "The American people are wise in wanting change. Two terms is plenty. And I’m going to go back to California and on to other things."

When top members of your cabinet admit they're sick of you, I think that might be the presidential definition of "you suck." (Think Progress)



  1. Rice should have told us this at least 4 years ago.

  2. No kidding. She can go back to being an oil tanker now.

  3. "When Michelle Malkin is the voice of reason talking you down, you are so far out on the lunatic fringe that you've built a condo out there."