Dear Friends-Amy Everett

Rain settles on cracked cement
Seeping through December’s grey
Streets are lined with puddles
Children armed with smiles
Lanterns glow across black pavement
Broken limbs on the trees of redemption leave me
I see myself in their picture frames
Put away in a closet
A memory
Left under blankets
I climb into a glass of hot chocolate
I write..
To you
To the ones listening….
Who in my audience sees me?
The cold settles in and crystallizes bones
A new tattoo and goodbyes go with this song
Piano playing
Laughter resting
Scars fading
January whispering
So I sit here ….
Writing you…
Are you listening?
Just needed someone to turn to…
Is it just me
Or is there you?
Written By-Amy Everett 12-13-08

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