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I really close friend of mine (named Fred) told me a story of what happened to him the other day. It was so funny, I wanted to share it with my friends at TIBU2. He was on his way home from work and needed to use the restroom really bad. .... he had to poop. He was still about 15 miles from home and could not wait any longer. So, he stopped at a grocery store. His thinking was; he could take care of business and then pick up some chicken and potato salad from the store deli. This would make his wife happy ... to not have to cook dinner when she got home from work. He is a very thoughtful man.
Entering the restroom at the grocery store, he saw there were two stalls and one of them was occupied. Now, any one of us would be hoping there would be no one in there and no one would enter while we were "busy". As you may know, restrooms have become a place where men hang out to meet other men. The last thing he wanted was an encounter like that. However, this was to the point of being an emergency visit. So, he entered, sat down and ......................... well there is no good way to say this ....... there was an un-pleasant burst of noise.
Within a few minutes he heard the guy in the other stall say " Hey, how's it going ? " Startled, he replied "he he .... it'll be alright now". Then he thought ..." how stupid ... what did I just say " Then he heard the other guy say " so ... what are you doing today? " Now, Fred was freaking out. " I just stopped to pick up some food from the deli for my WIFE." Fred replied. "What the @*&# is it to you ?" That's when the guy was heard saying .... " hold on a minute honey ... some guy is in the next stall trying to talk to me ... I'll call you right back." I told you it was funny .... he he

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  1. Back in the days before mobile phones, when you saw someone walking alone and talking, you knew that that was a crazy person. Now, that's every person. The crazies are hiding in plain sight. Great story.