Once Day Yet Hence

Once day yet hence, and perhaps someday soon
Beneath scorching sun or star-dogged moon
Into here you will click, and think that all has gone
And believe that all faith hath been placed here wrong

But the URL will give, unto thy sad weeping orb
A newfound paradiso full of wonder to absorb
An ever-growing epidermis full of text, grammar and wit
And an input interface so that you might add to it

To those who've shown faith, I wish to thank them here
For their words and their karma that I continue to hold dear
To those who did not, I cannot say that I blame you
I only hope in time that my efforts will shame you

But someday soon, and I hope much sooner than that
We can gather in the garden for our unusual chat
But new is the watchword, and some things may change
And the aegis of input you'll have power to re-arrange

Delays and waylays and things had impeded the progress
But in mind a vision true, and forward to our congress
And in advance I thank you, for entering our world yet anew
And I will bid you welcome to the realm of TIBU2


  1. Ah, but well worth the wait. I remain right behind you, my friend, as I have since Day One. Onward, scribe soldiers, armed with nothing but pens and bytes, our destinies to seal!

  2. Bravo!! Well done - if you build it they will come!!!

  3. Onwards and upwards, The sky's the limit!!!