The Greatest Conspiracy Story Ever Told

By Grant Lawrence

You know I am not one to buy into conspiracy stories. Sure there are a lot of questions regarding the assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. King. But after some investigation, the questions all have answers and I am now satisfied. I even feel a bit crazy and a bit guilty that I would ever question official versions of murder.

That is why I really don't believe in the greatest conspiracy story of all time.

Those gospel stories of Jesus and the supposed collusion between the Romans and the Jewish establishment of his time just can't be true.

Here's why.

Because everyone knows that those that believe in conspiracies are wing nuts and goof balls.

So here I am trying to believe in Jesus but then bible tells me that there was this plan to entrap Jesus by the leaders of the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. There was also this supposed collusion between one of Jesus' followers, Judas, who sold out his savior for 30 pieces of silver.

Come on now, would you sell out your future in paradise for 30 pieces of silver?

Of course not.

Now I am willing to believe that Jesus rose from the dead, that he walked on water, and that he turned water into wine. But I can't bring myself to accept that governmental authorities would ever do anything crazy like conspire to kill someone that was going against the established order and power structure.

Now the Jesus conspiracy gets even nuttier because we are supposed to believe that not only was the Jewish leadership in on the hit but that they pressured the Romans to do their dirty work and actually kill Jesus. Now anyone knowing Roman history would understand that the Romans were ruthless and they didn't need any pressure from anyone to kill some rabble rouser.

So all of this talk of conspiring and collusion to kill Jesus in the bible is just plain goofy. Until someone like Vincent Bugliosi, Charles Manson Prosecutor and the author of Reclaiming History (a truthful account that Kennedy was killed by a lone nut), goes into to "reclaim" the bible and corrects the conspiratorial errors then I am just going to remain a nonbeliever.

Sorry. You Christians can knock on my door every weekend and scare me with the rapture and end times but I know that conspiracies don't exist so I won't believe in your Jesus story. Oh and for you Christians that don't believe in conspiracies then you better forget about the Bible and join the real world. A world in which governments and earthly authorities don't lie and conspire but only make stupid mistakes and blunder their way through inhumane actions and coincidental killings .

Let me tell you, I don't need Jesus in my world because I got all the truth I need on Fox News. It's Fair and Balanced, you know.

Source: Bodhi Thunder


  1. beautifully said. funny how, when a crime is committed, like murder, the first question the police will ask is, "who profits?" but when it comes to someone with as much influence as a u.s. president, that question is never asked by the officials investigating it. and it is ALWAYS a lone nutter. ALWAYS.