In waves

(I had forgotten I'd written this one... Don't know if I ever posted it on the late TIBU. It feels more like a first draft than a finished poem but I can't even remember writing it, let alone editing it.)


The glamour of your face,
your hair now loosened in dark waves:

The sudden rightness of these moments -
all of me now here in trembling awe,
kneeling (praying)
tongue-tied to your flesh
and rising heat.

(I need - I need so much to see you,
taste you on my skin,
embrace you
and lay waste to years of caution,
soft despair and waiting.)

The earth-bound magic of the flesh
that like the rain
must dress the land
in moist and blooming sweat,
must now - must come to me.

I enter your calm waves and senses
(how I need - yes, how I need
these bones and dreams and you.)

My Lady of these morrows and these nights,
my storm and sky and anchor:

Hold me here in birth and death
and senseless, sharp delight.


  1. Ta. I don't think it's where it should be - but then that's true about most of what I've written,

  2. beautiful!!

  3. I liked it a lot, it feels finished to me.