First transsexual godfather arrested in Italy: O tempora, o Camorra…!


(The first role models…?)

It’s not exactly news that each generation thinks that things were much better in the past. I’m sure that in old Babylon and in Pharaoh’s Egypt, people complained about ‘them kids, these days’.

The old Greek had this saying, “Panta rhei” - which, somewhat loosely, translates as “All watery shit passes” and the Romans bemoaned the morals of their day with that classic slogan, “O tempora, o mores.”

Which, as the following news article shows, can easily be recycled and updated to a heart-felt, “O tempora, o Camorra…!”:

“Anti-Mafia cops have nicked their first transsexual godfather — who goes by the name of Kitty. Beefy Ugo Gabriele, 27, dyed his hair blonde, plucked his eyebrows and wore lipstick. He commanded a clan with dozens of gangsters, operating a drugs and prostitution racket. Armed cops seized him with 27 henchmen in Naples, Italy — home of the terrifying Camorra mob. Police said Gabriele wanted to be a woman, but it was not known whether he had surgery to change sex. A source said: “We have been on Kitty’s trail for months. It is the first time we have ever arrested a transsexual mob boss.”"

Still, you could call it progress, I suppose.

I’m sure the Pope will disagree but it is kind of good to see that even the most murderous profession can shed its high testosterone posturing and its malignant machismo and trade it in for a softer, more feminine look.

They may still kill you, of course but they will whistle ABBA songs while they work and call you “darling” before they cut you up.

Though it won’t be a totally inclusive Family - or criminal LGBT community, if you want - till the women can join in too.

“The butch butchers of Naples” has a certain ring to it.


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  3. reminds me of the female commandant from the film, "Seven Beauties."

  4. Butch Butchers - ha ha.

  5. Seven Beauties...?

    I know there was "Snowy White and the seven honking Da Vinci seals" or something but I'm not sure that one came with a female commandante...