News Roundup for 2/9/09

Stormy Daniels
Future Sen. Bowm-chicka-wowow?

-Headline of the day-
"Porn star may challenge senator linked to DC madam scandal."

You remember Sen. David Vitter, right? He was the diaper enthusiast who was also a prostitute enthusiast. He later went on to join not-gay men's room sex enthusiast Larry Craig in freaking out about how immoral same sex marriage would be.

Yeah, he might have a little competition from a less hypocritical sex enthusiast in his re-election campaign. According to the report, "A website has launched a petition in an effort to draft adult entertainer Stormy Daniels to run against Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter -- and the would-be challenger granted her first interview at an Arizona hotel, where she was performing at a strip club."

"Originally the focus wasn't even about making me as a candidate," Daniels told Max Blumenthal. "I think it was about bringing attention to the Senate race in general and then the response was overwhelmingly positive and, you know, I think everyone is just running with it."

"A Storm's A Brewin..." the DraftStormy.com website says. "A Storm that's gonna sweep Louisiana clean of corrupt politicians once and for all! And that Storm's name is Stormy. Stormy Daniels." It's a little long for a bumpersticker.

Maybe, "Stormy Daniels -- Because this diaper needs changin'!" (Raw Story, with video)

-Some of that Christian love-
Sirius Satellite Radio host Michelangelo Singorile reports that a "Colorado Springs bail bondsman and sometime bounty hunter who has been investigating New Life Church and Ted Haggard for several years appeared on my show late on Friday and told me that he now has information on ten more cases of sexual misconduct on the part of Ted Haggard and that three of these involve minors."

Turns out Haggard wasn't the only one living a double-life at NLC, since the church had "suppressed from the media an earlier case of a pastor at the church (which has many pastors under the senior pastor) who was convicted of sexual assault against a child under the age of 15 and got off easy with help from the church, only to later have his probation revoked." Said pastor -- Stephen Evans -- then fled the country illegally. Evans had committed to a "restoration" -- just like Ted Haggard -- where church higher-ups try to rehabilitate the wayward by praying the perv out of them. And, just as it did with Ted Haggard, it didn't work at all.

Another NLC member, youth counselor Christopher Beard, also left the church due to sexual misconduct. His youth program, called "24/7," was "like a bizarre Christian military boot camp for young men which Haggard and Beard appeared to get off on, working out and showering with the 18-23-year-old men every morning."

Remember, the more freaked out about sex and morals someone is, the more likely they are to be a huge pervert. (The Gist)

-It must be National Sex News day-
Headline: "Wall Street CEOs, investment bankers charged prostitutes on corporate cards, madam says."

Kristin Davis, a NYC Madam who was busted last year for running a $2,000 an hour prostitution service, says that "New York prosecutors deliberately avoided when taking her case, even though she offered them her annotated client list." Why?

Probably the names on that client list.

According to the report, that list included "Wall Street CEOs, lawyers, bankers and media executives."

"Some of these guys, I was invoicing on corporate credit cards," she said. "I was writing up monthly bills for computer consulting, construction expenses, all of these things, I was invoicing them monthly so they could get it by their accountants." And now we're no doubt bailing a lot of these guys out.

They hire prostitutes and we get screwed. It's a lot less fun that it sounds like.

Although, I do need a smoke. (Raw Story)

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