Change We Can Believe In?: Obama "remissions" troops to Afghanistan

Pres. Obama is a known opponent of the Iraq War. Almost exactly a year ago, he promised to end the Iraq War in 2009. Over the course of the campaign, he said it was time to bring our troops home. It’s not like he really needed it, but I’m sure such sentiment helped him win 52% (which is not a landslide, whatever they tell you) of the war-weary American public’s vote. Well, Obama seems to be fulfilling his promise to get troops out of Iraq. But he’s not exactly bringing them home. 12000 troops—4000 soldiers and 8000 Marines—are “remissioning” from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Now, the fact that we can get troops out of Iraq is great. But shifting them around to Afghanistan isn’t what the Blessed Obama promised. And if we’re sending in the Army and Marines, it means combat’s probably heating up in Afghanistan. Those two branches, particularly the Marines, do the heavy and dirty fighting (just ask them). Obama promised to end the Iraq War. But he never said anything about moving troops around from one battlefield to another. Is this the change St. Obama promised? I don’t think so. One thing’s for sure though: Obama will have a much easier time getting this through the press than Bush ever had with Iraq.


  1. As far as the press going easier on Obama than Bush. You push any of the Washington Press Corp and put a gun to their head and ask them if they are going to be easier on Obama than they were on Bush? All they would be able to do is give you a dumbfounded look and say "How?"

  2. Project Savior,

    Ain't it sad? They're so far gone they're not even aware of it anymore.

  3. It is simply impossible for the press to be easier on anyone than they were on Bush for the last 9 years.
    He would blatantly lie as bad as Hilary and the press would report it as truth.
    He would pay journalists to write up positive reviews about his lies, then cite those reviews as proof.
    He hired Male Prostitutes to ask questions at press conferences.
    He would completely break campaign promises and then say he never made those promises and the press never called him on it.
    So I ask you, Christina how could the press be easier on anyone than they were on Bush?

  4. I ask you, Project Savior, to provide some proof of your claims.

  5. When running for President in 2000 Bush repeated over and over that all Americans would get a tax break when only 83% of taxpayers would receive one, and over 90% of the tax breaks went to the top 2%.
    But the Media was more interested in reporting that Al Gore said that his sponsoring the bill that gave funding to research turning the DARPAnet commercial made him the inventor of the Internet.

    During the 2000 Debates George W Bush said. “I will not run deficits” when the Government started running deficits he said. “I said, only if we were at war, or only if we had a recession, or only if we had a national emergency. Never did I dream we'd get the trifecta."
    No one in the mainstream commented that it was Al Gore who said that.

    He used the Anthrax attacks that killed 5 people in late September/ early October of 2001 as an excuse to invade Iraq, then said “We’ve had no attacks since 9/11” No one in the media asked about using the Anthrax attacks as justification to invade Iraq, if he denies they ever took place.

    Bush paid millions to get good reviews of “No Child left behind” and it was barely reported.

    Bush paid Jeff Gannon, a male prostitute, to ask softball questions at a news conference.


    So I ask you again, Christina, how could the press be easier on anyone than they were on Bush?

  6. I take it you can't think of any?

  7. Don't be so quick, Project Savior. I have a life outside of TIBU2, ya know.

    Take the press coverage of Iraq, which is doubtless what Bush will be remembered for in the history books and was also the subject of my post.

    There's always been talk of a disconnect between what really happens in Iraq vs. what we hear on the news.



    When Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed, it was news for a couple of days. But we heard about Haditha for months.



    And, if you want to know how hard the press was on Bush, let's not forget Dan Rather reporting on false information about Bush's military service within weeks of the election in 2004. However, when questions were raised about Obama's citizenship, we barely heard a word.

  8. The press coverage in Iraq like how videos on youtube showed how bad it was while the MSM was painting a rosy picture.

    A the information in Dan Rather's story was verified, it was just a planted fake document that was false, not the information.

    Obama put a copy of his birth certificate on the web.

    But getting back to Iraq, how about the pictures of prisoners being tortured that were being circulated around the web for months before being reported.

  9. Having now made an effort and failed to convince you, perhaps I should ask what it would take?

  10. Since what you are trying to convince me of means contradicting the evidence I have seen with my own eyes for the last 9 years, you would have to back in time 9 years, kidnap me and force me to live someplace where there was no access to the media. I’m trying to think of the downside of skipping the last 9 years and can’t think of any.

    However, If you want to have something you can point to and say “The MSM is being way to easy on Obama.” Look at how they cover his call to have government more transparent.

    They have a vested interest in making sure he upholds his word on that issue. So it can’t be blamed on their own incompetence on not challenging him to always do more in an effort to make the government more transparent.

    If the Main Stream Media falls down in their job of being the ones to hold him to that promise I’d be happy to join you in bashing them for being to easy on him.

  11. Christina,
    Here is an article that fits in perfectly with what you are trying to say.