The Measurement Of Love-Amy Everett

Twisted silver emotion
Laced with purple and blue
I laugh
Throw in a quarter and send you a song
Can you hear it.

I covet wanting

I try to keep emotions cold
They drip from the faucet hot
From fingers and an untouched heart
As we kiss under the moon
You laugh
As the drunks leave their plots at the bar
Tonight is ours
And tomorrow
I am left with the hang over of the realities of life
So there you have it
I touch you with gloves
You will never find my prints
But will she smell my perfume
Lingering in your heart
In the back seats of cars
In the parking lots of regret
As you enter in
Some where, where safety has no limit
So I drive with you
And sleep alone every night
For you
Is my disguise

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