News Roundup for 2/12/09

CNN host in split screen with Bozo the Clown and Ronald MacDonald
The experts discuss economic stimulus

-Headline of the day-
"Economists comprise only 5 percent of cable news guests debating economic recovery plan."

You know why, right? Economists -- with all their facts and figures and reason and actual analysis -- are boring. Seriously, just Snooze City. It's much more exciting to have a couple of know-nothings pull crap out of their asses and shout each other down.

Same with Democrats. Who wants to hear anyone talk sense? Where's the fun in that? It's more entertaining to watch Republicans freak out and make shit up. That's why Republicans have outnumbered Democrats 2:1 on talking head shows in discussions of the stimulus.

Now that there's what you call your good TV.

It's like I always say, the job of the TV pundit isn't to inform, the job of the TV pundit is to get you to watch TV.

I say don't. Read a damned newspaper. (Think Progress)

-Happy birthday!-
What do you get when you run "Vatican" and "Paris Hilton" through Google?

Not what you'd expect.

For the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, the Vatican comes out in full support of evolution -- while dissing creationism and intelligent design about as much as they can be dissed without swearing. According to the report, "The Vatican gave the Creationist lobby a left right sign of the cross [yesterday], announcing it would stage a conference on Darwinism next month and declaring that it was one of the Fathers of the Church that thought up the idea in the first place."

Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Church's Pontifical Council for Culture, said Darwin's theory reflected the teachings of scholastics from St Thomas Aquinas to St Augustine. Further, he said that creationism is "a cultural phenomenon," like fascination with "Paris Hilton."

There's no word in the report of what creationists think of all this, but you'd imagine that they choose to believe it never happened.

Willful ignorance is bliss. (The Register)

-Bonus HotD?-
"8% Still Think Economy Is Excellent?"

That's right, according to Pollster.com, 8% of Americans believe the US economy is just aces.

My theory, if you people put with icepicks in their heads, mental patients, and those people who discuss the economy on cable news together, you'll probably wind up with about 8% of the population. It's the only explanation. (Donklephant)

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  1. just a thought. if they armed the talking heads how much fun it might be.