the Suffocated Soul

As all my dreams fade to black
I am looking for you there
the endless nights
the hopeless days
my soul suffocates

In all my searching I'm glitter-burned
forever disenchanted
never coming back
never giving in
restlessly forgotten

And all my mistakes make consequences
lost inside your illusions
as madness lives
the sadness breeds
utter confusions
I fear I an ordinary, just like everyone
to die among the sorrows
drift among the days
everything I've ever said
everything I've ever done
is gone and dead

Innocence is stolen under a blanket sky
please rescue me from me
please don't leave me alone
with this rusty rampage
seeing only eternal red

As far as you take me, I believe
a distant shoreline, She waves her arms to me
in my thoughts, She waits for me there
while my dreams are still sleeping
And in my mind I am everyone

In the steam of my misfortunes
I find the power to be afraid
faith lies in the ways of sin
chased the charmed
I don't want them anymore

And now I've lost where I began
I'm not the same
I forget to forget
nothing's so important
like my birthday's song

Just hold me one more time for good-bye
and a whispered Lula-bye
then tell me I'm still
the man I'm supposed to be
in bitterness the years burn
and I'm still a part of you


  1. Lula-Lula, Lula-bye.
    This is great stuff.

  2. This just pulled me along to the end. Good work.

  3. I fear I am ordinary, just like everyone-
    This is a wonderful piece.

  4. Lula-bye...is that Shakespeare?
    I recall that line from a Cleo Laine record wherein she was singing Shakespeare and others.

  5. Thanks... for the comments. lula-bye ... don't know if Shakespeare said it or not, bit if you want you can shake a spear at it anyway.