The 101 To No Where-AMy Everett

I sit here it's 8:00 a.m.
That's what the clock tells me
I am lost and hiding behind office doors and cubicles
Lost in the crowd of empty conversation
It means nothing and everything to me
It kills the noise that beats in patterns in my soul
I don't know what's real except this clock
Which tells me I am losing time
I sit at coffee with him
I could tell him the story
About how everyone has lied but he wouldn't understand it all
He doesn't write
I had faith in poets .. I did...
That they wouldn't and couldn't lie
I had faith in best friends and they ate me alive
Starbucks and this notebook can not spell out the answer
Or bring truth to this light
I will never love again
That is no lie
I am turned off at the switch
Left to rust
No lie
And there is nothing left in these stupid rhymes
I hate the ocean it promises to sail you to tomorrow then it drowns you
I am worn to my death
I am certain
And no one cares
I am alone
If you didn't who will?
There is no one...
If i died would they come
Would you?
If I slit my wrist would you notice there was blood??
I disintegrate in this office chair
Maybe I need to get fucked in the boardroom
Will that make it all right
Look behind my eyes
You will see
There is no longer anything there....

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  1. Some really great lines in this one, like "lost in the crowd of empty conversation."