Just a parting shot...I mean thought, about George W

I'm not a conspiracy follower. I look at such things with a certain amount of skepticism, but I look at them nonetheless. From UFOs and JFK, the World Trade Center Building 7 collapse and Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance, I have opened my mind to look at somethings and I have drawn my own conclusion. Bush stole the election in 2004 with the help of Diebold. There, I said it. And he didn't complete his military service. He married Laura right after coming out (oops) of Christian gay rehab. Do you guys know all this?

I always knew and said openly that GW was a horrible president, often in a crowd that saw him as a great leader. While on vacation in Arizona, I walked out of an eating establishment just as quickly out as I had walked in when I found I had stepped into a very loud conversation exalting the virtues of Ronald Reagan. I immediately lost my appetite. I never thought that Ronny Ray-gun would ever be a diet aid, but at least I have finally found something useful from his presidency.

It has come time to take down the shrine to George W Bush's failure that has lived and grown on the side of my refrigerator for the past eight years. A picture of him waving while holding the book, "Presidency for Idiots" will be burned in a cerimonial fire along with a naughty Photoshop billboard picture of our soon-to-be unemployed president in a compromising position with a penis, "will suck for oil". I think I'll keep the magnet that proclaims, "Like a rock, only dumber."

Bu-Bye Georgie, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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  1. This was really a good send off.
    Very Nice!!!