Now Everyone Wants to be Progressive: Even Conservatives and NeoCons

Now that the United States and the rest of the world are in near economic collapse and free market principles have proven to be a disaster. It is suddenly cool to be progressive. As a matter of fact, not only are the Democrats kissing up to progressives. But the Republicans are trying to grab the word and make it their own. The Republicans are now trying to rebuild a failed party and make it "cool and progressive". The conservative Tory Party in the UK also believes that the future is in taking the progressive word and making it their own. According to conservative leader David Cameron the Tory Party must retain a "progressive" outlook.

But just like War is Peace, Torture is Extraordinary Rendition, and Freedom is Fascism. Progressive will come to mean the same old economics and war machine if progressives let it. No, instead progressives need to make sure that the politicos, the media talking heads, and the corporate and financial oligarchs understand that progressive is just what it has traditionally meant. A change toward the betterment of humanity through social and political policies that promote reform and the welfare of the people.

So enjoy being a "hip" progressive but make sure that the word doesn't come to mean simply a lighter version of our present Military Industrial Complex. Now is the time for Progressives to seize the future!



  1. Republicans are buying into the idea that the behaviors that got them tossed out on their ears in 2006 and now 2008 are somehow the key to rebuilding the party. The key to rebuilding the party is pointing out the failures of the Democrats and showing how Republicans are different. Until Republicans understand that they will never get the party back.

  2. If they weren't slow on the uptake, these folks wouldn't be Republicans, would they? After all, we're talking about people who pronounce the 'A' in Missouri.

    I hope they never realize their irrelevancy, not even when the RNC convention is being held in a soggy cardboard box in an abandoned lot somewhere in Fort Smith, Arkansas.