John Travolta's son is dead

And honestly, all these stupid dumbfucks are blaming it on Scientology and it's REALLY pissing me off.

It shouldn't matter what religion you are and what religion you aren't, first of all. Parents should not have to outlive their children.

John Travolta's son had something that was called Kawasaki's Disease. The disease was treated with some Scientology things, but the disease is life long and NOTHING can be done for it. There are pills to help the symptoms but not to actually cure it.

I'm sick of people and their double standards. I'm not defending Scientology by any means as I do not understand it either, but it is the same thing with other religions. I feel weird even categorizing Scientology as a religion, but if people want to believe that God is the highest power, then why can't people believe that Xenu is the higher power?

There was a time, back in the olden days, when Christians got sick or got hurt in any way, I believe what happened was they cut the person and if they died due to blood loss, it was assumed that they had black blood and were a sin to God.

Look at other countries where there is mass genocide being performed due to God telling them to kill their own people.

People are making this into a big SCIENTOLOGY IS AT FAULT type of thing when it's clearly not the case. Whether you're a Scientologist, Atheist, Buddhist, or whathaveyou, your religion or whatever you choose to believe in should not be playing a part in a child's death. A life has been lost. A son and a brother has passed on. How about we just not bring Scientology into this and let the Travolta's grieve?


  1. Liv,

    This is quite a provocative piece you've written.

    I'm glad that you're here on TIBU2 and that you're actively posting and bringing us an opinion on current events having nothing to do with politics.

    What is happening with the Travolta situation is Schadenfreude, pure and simple- pleasure taken from observing the misery of another.

    Now while I myself am not the biggest Travolta fan, and I feel that no physical torture would be too strong for Travolta with respect to his participation in Hairspray, Battlefield Earth and Two Of A Kind (to name but three of his most egregious offenses), he is still a human being.

    The death of a child- particularly such a sudden and unexpected one- is an unthinkably horrible thing, and no one should take pleasure in that.

    The next time John Travolta releases a worthless piece of shit movie, I will gleefully swing the axe at him...but this is an off-duty scenario, and we are all just human beings schlepping around on this big blue marble, and it takes nothing away from us individually to pause for a moment, consider our own good fortune, and grieve for a fellow human being going through one of the worst possible things a person can go through. It is impossible, but I wish the Travolta family peace and healing.

  2. And yes, I realize the people have a problem with Scientology. I find it funny myself, and find it hard to take seriously someone who is involved in it, but...even if Travolta were guilty of praying to a baseball cap nailed to a wall, it had nothing to do with- and does not lessen the pain of- his son being dead. Of all the silly things we give celebrities a pass on (Britney's head-shaving, Britney's hostage situation, Brendan Fraser's career) this one seems to be common sense. Leave the man and his family alone.

  3. The media is also planting the notion in everyone's head that somehow the family is "to blame" because the boy wasn't found until morning.Whenever someone close to a person dies, the ones that remain living feel guilt. I have lost and have experienced this feeling on the deepest level. I sorry the Travolta family will have to endure the public's opinion regarding an issue (death) that will change their lives forever. Thank you for writing this.

  4. I don't know if people are confusing Scientology with the standard rhetoric and practice of the Christian Scientists, or if the claim is legitimate that the Travolta's did not properly medicate Jett's condition, but in either instance one one must be a theologian and a medical scholar before pointing fingers.