O Come Let Us Adore Him: The media's slobbering love affair with Barack Obama

May Bernard Goldberg forgive me for using his book title as part of my headline, and may God also forgive me for using a song that is supposed to herald the birth of Christ. However, I find the last part oddly fitting since so-called journalists are acting like this inauguration is the Second Coming.

I remember the coverage of Bush leading up to his second inaugural in 2004. It was nothing like this. There were complaints over how the country was so sharply divided, how Bush hadn’t really been elected (again), and there was certainly no talk about how it was really too early to criticize him and we should give him a chance. I don’t recall any George W. Bush commemorative coins or plates. I do remember gripes over how his inauguration cost $55 million and that he shouldn’t do this while young Americans were dying in Iraq.

Now I’m hearing about the country being completely united around this savior-like figure of Obama, although he only won 1.3% more of the popular vote than Bush did in 2004. We can’t criticize him just yet—that’s horribly unfair! We can’t say his policies won’t work if they haven’t been tried yet (though they didn’t work out so hot for the Soviet Union). If there had been a George W. Bush commemorative coin or plate, the media would have lost its mind.

And nobody has breathed a word about Obama’s $170 million inauguration. During a recession, no less. And last I checked young Americans were still dying in Iraq. Why isn’t the media in a tizzy?

Because if the media had a Facebook, its relationship status would have to read “In a Relationship with Barack Obama.” And they should put “Viewer Discretion Advised” warnings before all their broadcasts. This level of sexual arousal might be inappropriate for children.


  1. I think what the people of our country need right now is some realism, tempered with some optimism, and some action. And I don't think that everyone needs to jump all over our President before he even gets to sit down at the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. Do we need better journalism? Most definitely, and I have been saying that for years. What we don't need is a comparison to the Soviet Union, which last time I checked, is now just a chapter in a history book. But this is the sort of carping from the neocon right that we are prepared for even now, so fire away, even though your ammunition is wet.

  2. What we don't need is a comparison to the Soviet Union, which last time I checked, is now just a chapter in a history book.

    That's the point.

    I'm not advocating jumping all over Obama. I'm advocating a little accountability for the media, who made a stink over Bush's every breath and are now acting like Obama is the Second Coming. It's blatant and embarrassing.

  3. Have you met our media? How could you possibly expect anything more?
    As for the cost of the parties, why on Earth would the media bring attention to this? As my state is going bankrupt and can't come up with a budget, I've seen that it never has stopped the politicians from having a good time. Why would this be any different.
    I have looked at that money and thought about all my tax dollars and I didn't even get to go.

  4. As far as the media "who made a stink over Bush's every breath", what media was that? I don't seem to get that channel?
    As for the parties there is a big difference, Obama was willing to go to them, not hide from people the second he got in office.

  5. I'm happy to have a literate president who can speak the English language and who was legitimately elected.

    People throughout our country have been holding their collective breath for eight years, and it wasn't THIS thing or THAT which kept them in suspended animation, or even the plurality or totality of his egregiousness- it was the fact that the smirking boy-king never should have been there in the first place.