It’s one a.m.
I am breathing
No one is watching
Except him
Secret eyes bury me from across the room
I wish they belonged to me
one look leaves me stranded in time
Drenched in Vodka
Shallow mistakes take there seats at the bar
Am I yours?
I can’t help but let my heart beat just for you in that moment
but when I am home and alone
I can’t let my self miss you
Even though I do
Because you are not mine
I don’t belong to you
You leave me undone
And wanting…
Of your mouth
your hands
your words
and conversations we have
our secrets
How long will we do this?
Only tonight?
Maybe you will be my best friend
Maybe you will just tell me you want it to end
and believe me I would understand….
Just know that when I am with you...
You stop time…
Written By-Amy Everett

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  1. This has such a sense of urgency to it; it is palpable. Great work.