Iced Angel

Beckon upon icy winds,
Tracing warm velvet skin,
Turning smoldering fire to ice,
Enchanting eyes, diamond sparkles entice,
Beautifully shimmer, bed of crystal snow,
Kaleidoscope of wonder, and you know,
Certain chill, yet ominous thrill….
Danger and dare, kissed by frosted air,
Freezing frost of flowing hair,
An awe inspiring Angel of Ice…
Perhaps a dream imagined, maybe real
Radiance of reflection in your face,
Beauty evident in your grace…
A winter lust, if only to touch,
In a moment the illusion real…
Sweet Angel freeze pain I feel,
Gust of wind, my love rescinds,
Vanished amongst the swirling snow,
Angel of Ice, must you go…

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