Saved by Zero--Embracing our True Nature

...Here, Sariputra, form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form; emptiness does not differ from form, form does not differ from emptiness; whatever is form, that is emptiness, whatever is emptiness, that is form, the same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness....
The Heart Sutra

Generally, religions teach that something has to be done or not done in order for there to be salvation. We need to accomplish this, avoid that, say or think this or that, bow down, kneel, take a pilgrimage, show our piety. Then we will be seen as the "blessed" ones or the truly "saved".

Who makes up these rules?

Well it is said to be God or some other holy person. Interestingly, these rules may do some good and make us feel better at times. But that is just it. It only works for a time and then there is usually an emptiness that seems to return. So we make the same attempts to defeat the emptiness and to get that feeling of being better or worthy or special or something that will allow us to make meaning out of our lives.

But these movements of mind and body toward salvation have certain benefits but they will not bring salvation. Why? Because salvation cannot be gained from movement. Salvation is not found in matter and energy because there is nothing there but constant flux. A human chasing salvation in movement is very much like a dog chasing his tail. For the dog, it may be exciting, fun at times, exhausting, but ultimately fruitless. Finally the dog will either quit chasing its tail or will go crazy doing it.

So it is with humanity, we are going crazy chasing movement but we can never grasp it or own it.
This is the insanity that living breeds in us. A feeling that we need to do something to escape the fear, the isolation, the worry, the stress, the threats, and all of the problems that arise with living. Unfortunately the more we do the less we feel that we are.

But there is another alternative for humanity and that is to recognize that there is no fruit in the chase of life. Instead, we need to move past the insanity of the chase and the grasping and the clinging. The solution or salvation is found precisely in what we seek to avoid--the truth of our existence.

That truth is that matter and energy and everything we think of as solid and real is really empty. It is void. All that arises emerges from emptiness. Movement is just an unsettling of a vast ocean of being. Matter and energy arise from that vast ocean. Although we see emptiness as something other than what is, in reality it is all that is.

This may be a bit unsettling but there is something quite astounding and profound in this truth of our being. Although we can never capture or grasp life because it is by nature empty. We can allow it, appreciate it, and enjoy it. Also, because of the empty nature of being, there is an infinite potentiality. Energy and matter is nourished by the great mother of "No Thing" and it is the source of anything and everything. Just as we can do no higher math without the use and understanding of the concept of zero. We can do no higher spirituality and living without the use and the concept of the void or emptiness.

From the understanding of emptiness, we see that there is an infinity to life. There are no limits because emptiness is limitless. There is no thing that can ultimately harm us or destroy us because our empty nature cannot be effected by any thing/movement. We are free and infinitely open. Our experiences are just experiences but not ultimately real.

Our true home is the void of infinite being. Once we embrace our true nature and return to the source of our being then we find that there is a clarity that will begin to take its root in us. A recognition that we are all of one being. An understanding that life is a constantly moving dream that has its roots in our own consciousness. That consciousness is universal, not separate, and it is not a thing or a movement but is our home. It offers us anything and everything but also nothing or "no thing."

So relax and embrace your true nature. Salvation is empty.


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