Save the Raptor: F22s an endangered species under Pres. Obama

Barack Obama has barely been president 72 hours and Raptors are already on the verge of extinction.

I’m not talking about eagles, hawks, and falcons. I’m talking about the F22 Raptor, one of the most advanced fighter jets currently serving. It seems Pres. Obama can find trillions of dollars for another economic stimulus package, but may discontinue production of the F22 for budgetary reasons.

It’s true, the government would save money by cutting the Raptor. But if the government wants my opinion (which it assuredly does not, but when has that ever stopped me?) it would save more money by cutting the federal welfare program. And the Department of Education. And the Department of Agriculture. And the Department of Health & Human Services. None of those are Constitutional last I looked. National defense is.

The estimated savings of cutting the Raptor would be $3 billion. That’s chump change compared to what some of the programs Obama wants to put in place would cost the country. How is it that we can somehow find trillions of dollars for an economic stimulus package, but not $3 billion to keep ourselves safe?

A certain Centauri ambassador once observed, “Vir, intelligence has nothing to do with politics.” And decisions like this prove him right every time.


  1. Yes we need the F22 to keep up with the other Fighter Jets in the world, like uh, what type of Fighter Jets do Al-Quada use again?

  2. al-Qaeda seems partial towards 737s and 757s and other passenger jets, like the ones they used on 9/11.

  3. And a F22 is better than a F16 at taking them out, how exactly?

  4. I can't swear to this, but I think that you managed to put more bat-shit crazy ideas in those five paragraphs than I have ever seen elsewhere. Bravo!

  5. Project Savior,

    I wasn't trying to talk about the fine points of combat avionics. I was pointing out how people are perfectly willing to cut a measure of national defense and save $3 billion annually, but perish the thought of not passing another economic stimulus package that would cost trillions.

    Ricky A. Pursley,

    Would you like to point out my ideas that are "bat-shit crazy" and explain why they are?

  6. As far as the fine points of combat avionics, the US Air Force has been in 2 dogfights since the Vietnam War.
    In the 80s 1 F-16 took out 2 Libyan Migs, and In the first Gulf War some F-16 took out some Iraqi Migs trying to leave flee the country.
    No nation has fighter jets that can stand a chance against the F-16 so building new Fighter Jets is a total waste of money.
    No nation is going to send a fighter jet to take on US Fighter Jets. It's as simple as that.

  7. Project Savior,

    What could I say to convince you that cutting the F22 is a bad idea?

    However, you're a step ahead of Ricky A. Pursely, who asserted my ideas were "bat-shit crazy" but has yet to identify which ideas and why.