River of Ice

River of Ice coursing, spreading frozen lies,
Trapped inside a different life, flows undisturbed,
Tucked way from harm, no need for alarm,
Warmth found inside, venture forth and surely die,
Polish the ice, peer into it’s depth, untold secrets await,
Anguish knows a beating heart, destined to hate,
Circumstance, with no logic for you are beautiful,
Forever encased in frozen glass, never hear you laugh,
Echoes of Angels, hear my prayer, free my lost lamb,
So I may take his hand, and walk along the sand,
I shall love unconditional, no need for sacrifice,
A breaking heart, dues I pay, tortured with helpless watch,
Sitting alone a snow frosted bank, knowing you breathe below,
In a river of Ice coursing, the only life you know….

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