The Devil I know-Amy Everett

It's 5:00 pm
Smiles surround this stormy Sky
I realize
I am all right
Soul mates are ashes that once burned bright
But if they are ashes it means they couldn't of been soul mates -right?
I stand here jaded in a jaded sigh
Maybe Starbucks will do just fine
Traveling on an empty road is far better than traveling the road of lies
But it's your sin
You called yourself my friend
I laugh inside
I break inside
All at the same fucking time
So I play Yellowcard and turn it up highI sing the lyrics to The Song- Only One
And realize that there is no one for me
You had the resume
You owned the Vacancy signs
And to you that wasn't all right??
See me Cheshire cat , a little broken
But I love that
I drink my tea
Think of all of you
That I love
Realize I am not alone
Soul mates.....................
Maybe just wasn't meant for me
But what I tell you
What was, was this mornings coffee
I know this moment and what I have survived
Just trying to keep it all afloat
And fuck you, you had the last round!
You didn't deserve it at all!
But you know that.......
And drowning was your choice not mine................................

So I wait under street lamps for my regrets
But they are mine.
And I sleep
I sleep
I sleep knowing that I never lied
Where do you rest your head at night?
Maybe I am hiding now
But that's OK...
You' ll have to agree
Maybe my soul mate-is me.
So when you drink
Have one for me
on bending steel for nothing
For traveling a million miles down in return for your lonely glass of tea....
Look in the mirror
do you feel empty?
Maybe it's the devil we know
Looking for the answer
I find mine in the sword
And the love I give
Cowards wouldn't understand
I have cried a million tears but who cares
I use them to sail me forward
Not into a bottle,
I am pure and beautiful
An Angel
So yes , I am jaded
But I am whole
Better than a shot glass you swim in alone
So here is the message
I write so loud and clear
A thousand to leave
To conquer a thousand more seas
Where I can feel the water
Not just read about them in books
Feel the excitement mount!
So here we go.....
Maybe I don't have my soul mate
But for now
Starbucks and notebooks
will suit me just fine.....

Please listen to Yellow Card -City of Devils-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F xCxccmACrQ

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