Black Widow

It doesn’t matter does it...
What you write is just ink. Spent. And smeared…
Twisted between lines
between the lies
I become the black widow
spinning this web,
just to not hit the ground
her job is……
I live in the corridors of vast meadows
shaded in black and white
My inspiration committed suicide
With out a fucking answer
Disrespect and coward’s obligations
Guess you really can’t give from emptiness
And Tori says,” Your just an empty cage Boy, if you kill the bird”
It’s your death
My heart was strapped to your pace maker
Disconnect with half cocked smile, can't do it eye to eye....
All you do is laugh
Dr. Kevorkian?
I sit this morning at coffee
Knowing that becoming a black widow means I have to turn my back ,on all that I know
All that I feel
I am fine with that
I watched the rain fall
Piano played in my mind
Spinning, spinning, he comes to greet me
I wish
I was just some where else far away
Numb the pain
Forget the rain
why did you serve this lesson…
You knew I didn’t need one more dissatisfaction
I was there for you
I knewand you laugh?
Sending good byes through ink jet
A million miles of me down to the count of tattooed suicide
But oh …
I am marked for good
Scraping it from my skin
Inch by inch
I sit here now in this web hungry for contentment
The coffee grows bitter
He offers some sugar
I walk away…
Another rainy day….

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