What is it about New Mexico and UFOs?

Landscape not far from Chaco Canyon, New Mexic...

By Grant Lawrence

As I examine the supposed UFO footage posted below. I have to ask myself, why is the Southwest and New Mexico in particular noted for its UFO activity? Admittedly, UFO sightings are increasing all over the world but New Mexico has been the birthplace of the modern UFO craze beginning with Roswell. Also reports of other UFO crashes like the one that might have occurred in Aztec, New Mexico in 1948 and the famous stories of a UFO underground base in Dulce, New Mexico makes me wonder why New Mexico is the source of such fantastic claims of of UFO activity.

All of my life, I have been something of a sky watcher. When I was younger I spent many hours looking at the night skies of a Northwestern Ohio. I was always hoping to see something in those Mid Western skies that might confirm my belief that there was something to the UFO phenomena that some people had witnessed.

I never saw anything I couldn't explain.

But then several years ago, I moved to Northern New Mexico to work on the Navajo Reservation and I saw several fantastic UFO sightings.

I firmly believe that the US military industrial complex already has a pretty good idea of what is going on. I also believe that it is entirely possible that there has been some high level contact between Alien life and the US government.

Someday when the government decides to give us a little insight into what is going on in our skies, then maybe the UFO phenomenon will become clearer. But I am not holding my breath for the answers coming anytime soon.

So until we get a few answers, I can only guess at what is going on and continue to wonder, "What is it about New Mexico and UFOs?"

60 minutes of tape edited down to appox. 9 and half minutes. Artesia New Mexico 4/19/09 and 4/20/09. Have much more on tapes, but not as bright or interesting. Unknown objects most of the time, but once in awhile a jet or bird.

Artesia Night Sky channel:

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