I love the smell of Muzak in the morning: The attack of the zombie McLibraries


(Coming out soon: Book Burning 2.1 for Dummies…)

So many people who deserve to die a slow & horrible death and so little time…

Still, spare a thought for the good people of the Gloucestershire Libraries Service, who, come the revolution, will be forced to listen to The Best Hits of Barry Manilow and be pelted with rotten Big Macs, while they burn at the stake on very low fires indeed:

“Libraries, once guaranteed havens of peace and quiet in which to read and study, are sweeping aside the golden rule of silence in favour of playing music to attract more customers. Visitors to a county’s libraries must now endure pop music being played as managers seek to boost the appeal of their services to younger users. A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Libraries Service confirmed that it is offering music in some of its libraries:

“There is a sound system there which plays quiet background music and the majority of visitors enjoy the atmosphere. When asked, staff are happy to turn down the sound if it is disturbing visitors. Libraries are not just about books any more.””

A majority enjoy the atmosphere?

Well, I’m sure they do.

As a majority of people also enjoy watching reality TV shows and eating McShit burgers. In the past, majorities of people voted for people like Hitler as well, and loved to attend public executions too.

There’s no low that a majority of the people haven’t managed to reach, over the long and mostly troubled course of human history.

Which is, however, not a reason to introduce any of these ‘people’s favourites’ to our libraries.

“Libraries are not just about books any more…”

Give me strength.

Grant those fucking barbarians of the Gloucestershire Libraries Service just a little more time, while they busily transform each and every library into a fast food friendly clubber’s paradise and they will probably come up with the best use for all those boring books as well:

Public book burnings.

I’m sure it will be a hit with the majority of visitors.

(These guys really should have done what they preached…)

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