News Roundup for 4/17/09

Texas strip mall
Visit the far-off, exotic foreign land of Texas!

-Headline of the day-
"State Department calls Texas a foreign country."

Want proof that the State Department is going to be more proactive under Hillary Clinton? Then consider that, just days after Gov. Rick Perry announced he hated America so much that he wants to secede, State listed Texas as a foreign country.

According to the report, "The State Department, listing the countries Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has visited and the frequent-flier miles she's piled up (more than 50,000 so far), notes that she's taken trips to Europe, the Netherlands, Mexico, the Middle East, Asia and Texas."

Apparently though, this was some sort of a mistake or typo or something, not a recognition of Texican sovereignty -- it's since been fixed. Good thing too, because it turns out that the average Texican doesn't hate America nearly as much as Governor Goodhair. A new poll shows that only 18% hate America, while 75% remain American patriots. I know, 75% is too low, but hey... This is George W. Bush-land we're talking about here. Hot and cold running crazy comes with every house. Or, at least, one out of five houses.

Gov. Perry, noting which way the wind blows and not wanting it to muss his hair, backpedaled on his hatred of the good ol' US of A. "I was kinda thinking that, maybe the same people who hadn’t been reading the constitution right were reading that article and they got the wrong impression about what I said," he said. So I guess he kinda, maybe doesn't hate America. The constitution hates America.

Yeah, that's a lot better Rick. What a great save... (Think Progress)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, looking for change? Then meet...

Newly-Frugal Guy!
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Fight socialism! Throw a tea bag party and help the moneybags party! (MarkFiore.com)

-Fun little snippet-
Right Wing Watch runs a daily roundup too, because websites that do that are always freakin' awesome. It's like a rule.

Anyhoo, one item in their roundup is "The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission warns that hate crimes legislation is on its way, saying that 'if this bill passes it lays the foundation for censoring Christians.'"

Man, if something called "hate crimes legislation" is bad for your religion, you might consider finding one that's less... Oh, what's the word?... Hateful.

Just a thought. (Right Wing Watch)

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