Take the King's Money, Dance to the King's Tune: Obama Cashiers General Motors CEO

If a high-ranking military officer does something that should garner him a dishonorable discharge, his superior will sometimes cut him a deal: resign before he gets court-martialed and drummed out of the service. If the officer is smart, he resigns. This process is known as being “cashiered.”

This fate seems to have befallen now-former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner. The Obama administration requested that Wagoner “step aside” from his position due to his poor management of the company.

It’s easy to say that GM is a privately owned company, Wagoner does not work for Obama, and someone you don’t work for can’t fire you. But GM and other auto companies have taken massive amounts of money from the government. Can it really be said they don’t work for Obama anymore? If our banks, auto companies, and insurance agencies are going to be dependent on the government for their livelihood, they lose their right to complain when the government tries to control them.

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