Suicide watch over Austria’s “cellar monster” Josef Fritzl intensified – One question: Why?


(Humanity: Just one big game of ‘Happy Families’…)

There are many things I don’t understand.

Obviously, people can’t be allowed to dump their rubbish wherever and whenever they would like. (Actually, the fact that littering is more or less accepted by most is another thing I can’t understand – and something that’s very telling about the sad state our civilisation is in.)

Anyway, I do appreciate that we need laws to regulate certain forms of waste disposal. When we find ourselves with a defunct fridge or a crappy sofa, it shouldn’t be an option just to throw these items out of our sixth floor windows, drop them in the middle of a busy roundabout or leave them in Princess Diana’s memorial pond.

Same with nests of unwanted kittens or leaky grandparents: We shouldn’t be allowed to tie these surplus-to-requirements critters (with some complementary stones) in a sack and throw them into the nearest canal or fresh water reservoir.

Still, and as I started saying, there are many things I don’t get - and one of them is why any government would feel it is its business to interfere when we decide that it’s our own selves that we think are surplus to requirement.

True, people kill themselves for the silliest of reasons: From broken hearts and bad exam results, to things like Internet peer pressure – but humans have been acting stupidly and self-destructively since time began for us and I’m not sure it’s the role of government to protect us from these types of mad impulses.

So, the moment the doctor says that the cancer has spread and I have six months of ever more painful months to live through, I want to be able to say, “Stop this planet; I want to get off now!”, without any government’s official even thinking about interfering.

Same when I would hear I am in the early stages of Alzheimer – or, to be frank, for whatever damn reason I would choose to call it a day.

Anyway, all of the above ramblings were inspired by the following article – and yes, again, it’s something I truly don’t get:

“Prison authorities in Austria have intensified their suicide watch over Josef Fritzl, amid fears that the convicted child killer and rapist will try to kill himself after receiving a life sentence for abusing his daughter for 24 years.

Erich Huber-Günsthofer, the vice-president of the prison in St Pölten, where Fritzl will be held until his transfer to a psychiatric institution, said yesterday that his mental health had deteriorated since the verdict last week in his trial for kidnapping, raping and incarcerating his daughter, and murdering one of the seven children she bore him.”

Don’t you love it that they claim his mental health deteriorated AFTER all he did in that damn cellar…?

Like, “Yes, m’Lud, the defendant was fine, really: A perfectly healthy & happy little bunny, until those cruel cops arrested him and some sadistic judge decided to lock him up.”

Truly, ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’ doesn’t even come close to describing the situation, so why should the state try to keep the guy alive?

I’ve tried but I really cannot come up with one good reason why the state should be expected to walk an extra few inches or spend even half a Euro more, trying to keep this man alive, when he would choose to hop on the perdition express himself.

(Herr Fritzl, they are playing your song…)

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  1. prisons, like schools, receive money for each head. also, the justice system is about getting even.