News Roundup for 3/4/09

Flavor Flav
Future face of the GOP

-Headline of the day-
"Despite apology to Rush, Steele's still taking GOP hits."

It seems that publicly kissing Rush Limbaugh's ass isn't enough to get back on the good side of Republicans these days. Turns out you have to stop being ridiculous, too.

According to the report, "A month into his job leading the Republican National Committee, [Michael] Steele is building up a repertoire of wince-worthy statements. For starters, there was the 'slum love' comment to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, calling civil unions 'crazy,' and then a promise of more outreach to 'urban-suburban hip-hop settings' with an 'off the hook' public relations campaign, reported Politico in an overview article of the situation."

"What is amazing is that Steele was elected because of his communications skills, and it is those skills that are damaging the Republican Party," said a "top GOP strategist who has worked for House and Senate Republican leaders."

"If his implosion continues, RNC members are likely to call a special session to dump him for an effective chairman," said the unnamed strategist. "There is not much patience for failure."

Geez, you'd think they'd be more sympathetic -- what with being a party of failure and all. If Steele wants to have an "off the hook" PR campaign to reach "urban-suburban hip-hop settings," he's only following the lead of Mitt Romney, whose idea of a fresh photo op was asking inner city kids, "Who let the dogs out? Who! Who!"

If it was good enough for Mittens, you'd think Steele would get a pass. C'mon GOP, why you trippin'? (Raw Story)

-Who needs facts?-
Not FOX News, who reported monday that the stimulus bill contains $8 billion for the mythical Las Vegas-to-Disneyland mag-lev bullet train. But FOX's Megyn Kelly took things a bit further.

Despite the fact that this funding for a train line doesn't exist, Kelly decided to pad the lie with further lies, saying that this phantom funding will pay for a "line that will deliver customers straight from Disney, we kid you not, to the doorstep of the moonlight bunny ranch brothel in Nevada."

Actually, she kids you so. Not only isn't there a Vegas-to-Disneyland train, but the Moonlite BunnyRanch isn't even in Las Vegas. It's outside of Carson City -- about 365 miles away. That's an awfully big doorstep.

Seriously, stay away from FOX News. It'll actually make you dumber. (Political Animal)

-Bonus HotD-
"Rush challenges Obama to debate."

...because a president facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression doesn't have anything better to do than kick a drugged-up radio blowhard's ass all around some conference hall. (Politico)

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