First thing they do is cut up your dick: It is such fun to be Obama


(Oops, I did it again…?)

It must be such fun to be Obama, right now - a bit like being Jesus really, sent down to the Jewish tribes by His Daddy, to sort out some old prophesy stuff, only to find out the place is crawling with murderous Romans.

Same with Obama: The great post black, post white hope. The new Messiah, if you like – and no Roman hammer and nails to stop him.

(Though a world wide economic melt down is a quite impressive cross to bear, of course…)

Ah well, enough already – but here’s to my favourite tribe and its latest honorary member:

First thing they do

First thing they do
is cut up your dick.

Then they tell you:
Don’t eat this and that.

They take you to a desert,
you had no wish to visit in the first place.

The Promised Land, they say,
of bombs and snipers.

And everybody hates you
(and you can’t stop bickering

about the cost of living
and the price of milk and honey.)

The Chosen, yes, no doubt -
but one thing you know for sure:

Next time you see a burning bush,
you’ll piss it out.

(Obama: So not the Messiah…?)

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