Obama’s White House is channeling Churchill: Michelle is digging for victory


(Who do you think you’re kidding, Mr Limbaugh…?)

During World War ll, the British government thought it was wise to encourage the people at home to feel that they were involved in the fighting.

It is highly unlikely that all the home guards and ‘dad’s armies’ that flowered all over the land and kept themselves busy patrolling the streets, doing army type exercises and looking out for Nazi spies had any real influence on the way the war was fought and eventually won - but it was good for morale and that was important. Especially in the early days, when military success was far from certain and all the news from the various fronts was very grim indeed.

Another exercise in engaging the population at large was the famous ‘Dig for victory’ campaign, in which people, all over the land, were encouraged to grow their own vegetables. Again, it’s improbable that this scheme caused Hitler to lose much sleep but it did give the British people the idea that they were doing their bit. So, what with Churchill’s uplifting ‘I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat’ messages and planting spuds & dubious tobacco substitutes, morale was actually quite high.

Now, you may say that ours is a more cynical age, in which a news savvy and politicians wary population can’t be comforted, wooed or simply distracted by using World War ll methods.

Well, maybe so but someone in the White House disagrees with that bleak assessment.

So, with North Korea and Iran getting ever closer to becoming true nuclear players, with our rainforests disappearing as fast as our icebergs, with Osama Bin Laden and his kidney machine still hiding somewhere in some grim, fairytale cave and with the world’s economy as likely to return to life as Frankenstein’s monster during a power outage…

… it is quite a comfort that Michelle Obama, like a born again Churchill (sans cigar, sans jowls, sans bowler hat & sans drinking habits), is calling on the people not to lose hope.


(Winston would dig Michelle…)

Come Hell, high water or Rush Limbaugh, Michelle will bloody well keep on digging for victory:

“Michelle Obama has begun digging an organic kitchen garden at the White House which will supply the first family with vegetables for many of their meals. Michelle Obama went digging at the White House today wearing a pair of expensive-looking Jimmy Choos boots.”

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