News Roundup for 3/16/09

Meghan McCain
Unlike most conservative pundits, not emotionally five years old

-Headline of the day-
"Meghan McCain tells critics: 'Kiss my fat ass'."

Sen. John McCain's daughter, blogger Meghan, is learning that the average conservative pundit has all the debating skills of a third-grader. McCain had criticized Ann Coulter as "offensive" and "radical," which -- as you can imagine -- didn't earn her any fans among the nutjobs.

For example, noted nutjob Laura Ingraham -- a low-rent Coulter wanna-be. Ingraham said that McCain was "just another valley girl gone awry" who didn't get a gig on MTV's The Real World because "they don’t like plus-sized models."

That's right, no defense of Ann Coulter (although, let's face it, she's indefensible), just "you're fat." It's that sort of brilliant insight that gets Ingraham on FOX News again and again. It should probably be pointed out here someplace that Laura Ingraham, like Ann Coulter, is so stick thin you just know she has an eating disorder.

So today on The View, Meghan cited -- of all people, Tyra Banks and her talk show. I guess you get your inspiration where you find it. "When Tyra Banks went on her show in a bathing suit and said 'kiss my fat ass,' that's what I feel like," McCain said. "Kiss my fat ass!" To which I say good on you, Meghan McCain.

No mention was made of Ingraham's fat head. Now that's maturity. (Raw Story)

-Cheney hearts Limbaugh-
"Rush is a good friend. I love him."
-Dick Cheney

Awwww... (Think Progress)

-Bonus HotD-
"Obama to appear on 'Tonight Show'."

In an attempt to rest control of the economic debate from the talking heads on cable, President Obama will turn to the masses and do Leno Thursday night. According to the report, "Mr. Obama will swing by the Leno show as part of his trip to southern California. The White House official said that Mr. Obama plans to talk about the economy with Mr. Leno and said he will try to focus on substance, possibly a tall task given the show’s format."

Asked if the president would be funny, a White House official said, "As funny as the times allow." So we'll put him down as "not funny" then...

When was the last time a sitting president was a guest on a non-news TV show? Last year, when George W. Bush did a cameo on the game show Deal or No Deal.

No, really. (NYT)

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