News Roundup for 3/11/09

Masked terrorist with grenade launcher
Example of 1 out of 300 people in the US

-Headline of the day-
"Terrorist watch list hits 1 million."

The terrorist watch list served its one-millionth customer recently, "despite the removal of 33,000 entries last year by the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center." Part of the problem is that there aren't any specific rules about who qualifies for the list and who doesn't. As a result, pretty much anyone qualifies.

Do the math, there are 303,824,640 people in the US and one million of them are on the list -- that means that roughly 1 in every 300 people is a middle eastern terr'ist who hates our freedoms.

Speaking of freedoms, people on the list "can be blocked from flying, stopped at borders or subjected to other scrutiny."

Thank Republican Jesus that Homeland Security is looking out for our liberty. (USA Today)

-The end of the affair-
Formerly pregnant teenage embarrassment Bristol Palin, daughter of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has broken off her engagement with the father of her son Tripp, Levi Johnston.

According to the report, "Levi's sister Mercede Johnston says Bristol actually broke up with Levi more than a month ago, is not attending school and rarely lets her baby daddy see their young son. Mercede also says Bristol even told him that she hates him and, when she learned she was pregnant, wished the baby wasn't his."

"Bristol's just crazy," Johnston says. "That's the nicest way I can put it. She and Levi actually broke up a while ago!" Bristol apparently doesn't want Levi around because he's "white trash."

Remember how a lot of people thought the Johnston-Palin engagement was a publicity stunt to help the McCain-Palin ticket and that it wasn't actually the kids idea to get engaged?

Yeah, that was just crazy talk... (Radar Online)

-Bonus HotD-
"McClatchy Ipsos poll: How's Limbaugh do against Obama?"

Not much of a mystery here -- about as well as you'd expect. 65% of respondents had a favorable view of President Obama, while only 30% had a favorable opinion of the talk radio blowhard. In fact, according to the report, "A solid 33 percent of all Americans have 'very unfavorable' opinions of the talk show host."

No word on how many agreed with the statement, "Rush Limbaugh is a half-baked, pus-headed rodeo clown," but you've got to imagine it'd be pretty high. (McClatchy)

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