CPAC Weighs In On 2012

This year Mitt Romney won his 3rd straight CPAC presidential straw poll with 20% of the vote.

This is really not surprising—almost anywhere real conservatives are gathered (ie, not an open primary state) Romney wins. What really is surprising was Mike Huckabee’s showing of 7%.

Despite a gubernatorial record that could be described as mixed at best, Mike Huckabee is often pointed to as a rising star within the conservative movement. However, if this were true I would think Huckabee would poll better at CPAC, certainly finishing better than fifth from the bottom.

The two other rising conservative superstars, Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin, came in at 14% and 13% respectively.


  1. So, 1 in 5 Republicans go for Mittens.

  2. Your question is a Non Sequitur or Null Set. The real question to ask about Romney is "Who Let the Dogs out? Who, Who, Who?"

  3. Well, I think it is interesting to see how things are developing in the Republican party - especially among normal voters.

    The Washington oriented newspapers and TV news shows are always going on about Limbaugh & Greene but do normal voters really care for these things?

    I find it interesting that Romney gets almost three times as many votes as Huckabee. During the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination it was perceived that Romney wasn't a true Republican; he had a 'state history' that didn't come close to his 'presidential profiling'.

    That's why Huckabee did so well then against Romney - and it's one of the main reasons why Romney lost the nomination.

    So, if you would believe the newspapers and TV networks, the Republican party is turning more and more hardcore Limbaugh like - but when you see this latest straw poll, you can't say the same thing about the Republican 'Hinterland.'

    That I do find interesting - and I think that both the media and the Republican leadership should take note,