News Roundup for 3/9/09

Glenn Beck
Will be culled by the Aryan Supermen

-Headline of the day-
"Beck: Stem-cell research will lead directly to the search for a new ‘master race.’"

FOX's craziest talk show host, Glenn Beck, used his radio show today to warn that the Nazi's are making a comeback and they're being led by Barack Obama. It works this way; American liberals thought up eugenics, eugenics led to Hitler's Final Solution, therefore embryonic stem cell research will lead to the search for a Master Race.

Not surprisingly, there are a couple two-three problems here. First and foremost, eugenics was a theory put forth by Sir Francis Galton. That "Sir" part kind of suggests someone who's not an American -- liberal or otherwise -- don't you think?

Second, if embryonic stem cell research would lead to a Master Race, why wouldn't adult stem cell research -- something conservatives are all for? And what the fuck does stem cell research have to do with eugenics anyway?

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but Glenn Beck proves that a whole lot of ignorance is even worse. (Think Progress)

-Nancy Reagan's a Nazi!-
After Barack Obama signed the executive order to release federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, former first lady Nancy Reagan praised the first step down the road to a dark, dystopian future where we'll all be ruled by identical and physically perfect Aryan overlords.

"I’m very grateful that President Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research," Reagan wrote in a statement. "These new rules will now make it possible for scientists to move forward. I urge researchers to make use of the opportunities that are available to them, and to do all they can to fulfill the promise that stem cell research offers. Countless people, suffering from many different diseases, stand to benefit from the answers stem cell research can provide..."

Save it for the perfect, blue-eyed clones that will soon enslave the human race, lady. Sure, your precious Alzheimer's patients -- like your late husband -- might see a cure for their disease, but at what cost?

A terrified nation prays for guidance... (Raw Story)

-Bonus HotD-
"Republicans See Their Party As Leaderless."

While Democrats have no problem pointing to the de facto leader of the GOP (it's Rush Limbaugh), Republicans find the question a real stumper. When asked by pollster Rasmussen, "Is the leader of the Republican Party Michael Steele, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, someone else or is there no clear leader?" 66% answered "no clear leader."

Top vote getters got anemic scores, although Rush wins with a whopping 4%. RNC chair Michael Steele and the party's '08 presidential nominee John McCain split second, with 3% each. Following closely are Sarah Palin and Sen. minority leader Mitch McConnell with 1%. House minority leader John Boehner and FOX blowhard Sean Hannity came up empty. 21% answered "not sure." However, when asked specifically whether they thought Limbaugh was the top dog, 14% agreed.

They should've thrown Joe the Plumber in there -- I bet he would've done better than Boehner or Hannity. And boy, must Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter be feeling like crap right now. (Rasmussen Report)

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  1. Finally, after almost a decade of limiting taxpayer money for research president Barrack Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research today. Let's think of how many Americans are suffering from ailments and what this research can do for them. I'm sure everyone reading this knows someone important to them that is affected by one of these maladies such as Parkinson's, repairing spinal cord injuries as well as treating diabetes, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many more defects.