News Roundup for 6/12/09

Nutjobs at Klan rally
Worried that recent events might make them look crazy

-Headline of the day-
"White Supremacists Worried About Movement's Image."

The racist community is worried that they could lose all the respect and admiration they've gained in the public's eyes with the shooting spree by James von Brunn at the Holocaust Museum in DC.

"The responsible white separatist community condemns this," John de Nugent, a self-described white separatist and a role model to the children, told the Washington Post. "It makes us look bad."

Two questions; what's a "responsible white separatist community" and when did you guys ever look good?

The white supremacist blogosphere is abuzz with concern that this smears the good name of Nazis. And, not surprisingly, many see a conspiracy. "Does anyone else here have a (more than) sneaking suspicion that this guy was paid off to do this so that the government would have yet another reason to crack down on us right-wing nutjobs?" wrote user CoffeehouseGirl25 on the neo-nazi site Stormfront.

See, because racists are so popular that you'd need to stage an elaborate media event/faux-hate crime to get people riled up against them. Surprisingly, white supremacists don't seem to use this newfangled concept of "reason."

And they seem so calm and logical... Go figure. (Hatewatch)

-Speaking of 'right-wing nutjobs'-
You can buy this hilarious sticker at the Patriot Shop, where all good Americans get stuff to announce they're freakin' insane:

Liberal Hunting License

Oh, lighten up. With all the right wing extremists shooting the hell out of everyone, who doesn't need a good chuckle? I'm sure if a liberal site were selling licenses to kill Republicans, they'd be totally cool with it.

Because they're not whiny pricks about this sort of thing. (Alan Colmes' Liberaland)

-Bonus HotD-
"Over two days, Hannity's coverage of Holocaust museum shooting totals just one sentence."

I guess he doesn't want the white supremacist movement to look bad. (Media Matters)

-It's like a T-ball game...-
...because everyone wins and no one loses.

The Iranian elections are winding down and it turns out that current head whackjob Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won handily, while challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi took the election in a landslide. It seems the results are being reported with wild variation by different sources and no one expects to have the counting done until Saturday at the earliest. Until then, who knows who really won?

Ha ha! A crazy middle eastern fake-democracy can't get its shit together... Let's all laugh at them!

That is, unless you're from Florida or Minnesota. (Associated Press)

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