Coca Cola, McDonald's and neo-Nazis rush in, where government fears to tread


(Missouri welcomes Nazi drivers…?)

Now, this is quite funny.

Though it does show the perils of inviting the private sector to take over so much of what used to be the government’s job.

We already have fast food and soft drink titans sponsoring schools and using these places as juvenile feeding & training pens.

Get them young, as the Jesuits say, and hook them for (a short and very fat) life.

Funny though, if you think of it. When schools even mention the possibility of teaching kids about the perils of STDs or the problematic future teen mothers face, howls of protests ring from sea to shining sea but when Coca Cola and McDonalds are allowed to push their poison on the young in a way most of our street dealers can only dream about, you don’t hear all that much about the corruption of our youth.

Anyway, I’m digressing. As I started with saying, the following news story is rather amusing:

“When a neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement volunteered last year to clean a Missouri highway, and get official recognition for it in the form of an Adopt-a-Highway sign, state officials felt powerless to refuse. So they took a rather clever tack. Officials are renaming the stretch of highway near Springfield that the organization cleans after Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who fled Nazi Germany and became a prominent Jewish theologian and civil rights advocate in the United States. The renaming, which would take effect this summer, was approved by the legislature as part of a large transportation bill. The governor has not yet signed the bill but supports the concept of renaming the road, an aide said. The measure is not popular, though, with some members of the National Socialist Movement, who clean a half-mile stretch four times a year.”

You don’t say.

Me, I’d have thought any group of Nazis would love to stomp their boots on the face of a Jewish road. Though I suppose it would require a bit more effort to vandalise concrete than it was to smash all those windows, back in 1938.

So, I don’t suppose we will soon see a follow-up of the Kristallnacht, in the form of a Concrete Night.

(Such a beautiful song about such an ugly affair…)

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